Explanation Of The Key Characteristics Of Geomembrane

High-density polyethylene geomembrane is mainly used in garbage disposal sites, landscape lakes, and ponds. The rural grassroots level is laid flat, and the overall design of the membrane roof has the thickness of the protective layer, so the risk of leakage is not high. However, the paving of concrete structure walls is the first project construction, and there are two major difficulties in construction: one is to pave an impermeable membrane on the wall of the 4m high storehouse. The impermeable membrane immediately bears the impact of force and wastewater, so it must Remove some shortcomings such as in-situ stress and bearing deformation; 2. The impermeability level of this project is stipulated as Class I, and the main purpose of the design plan is to solve the problem of factory wastewater and high saltwater. Once a leak occurs after it is hidden, it will eventually leak, causing water pollution, which has a great social impact, and it costs a lot to find the leak and repair it. Therefore, when laying anti-seepage membranes, quality management should be included in the key work.

As a key rainwater collection source for centralized power supply in urban drinking water projects, water storage tanks play a very critical role. Therefore, many water storage tank projects with textured geomembrane factory price waterproof layer as the main behavior are designed and constructed. Although the engineering grade and building grade are low, it belongs to grade 4 and other grades 4 to 5 small and medium-sized buildings, but because the reservoir is located in urban (township) and rural residential areas, if leakage and slope imbalance is caused, it may even cause safety such as collapse Accident will be caused by.


Key characteristics of geomembrane
1. High compressive strength and good ductility;
2. Good waterproof layer performance;
3. Simple construction, lightweight, and convenient for transportation;
4. Excellent physical and organic chemical properties: HDPE impermeable membrane has anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, good resilience, puncture resistance, low ductility, small thermal deformation, excellent organic chemical reliability, high and low-temperature resistance, Resistance to leaching, oil and coal tar, acid, alkali, salt, and other chemical solutions;
5. Low cost and high comprehensive economic benefits;
6. Environmental protection: The raw materials selected for the high-density polyethylene impermeable membrane are non-toxic new environmentally friendly materials. The basic principle of the waterproof membrane is that changes in the general state will not cause any harmful substances. It is the best choice for environmentally friendly breeding.

Post time: Feb-22-2022