About Us


Shandong Lanhua Group (since 1999) is one of the modern enterprise groups with comprehensive strength and large scale in Shandong, China , totally assets of more than 6 billion RMB. With a covering area of approximately 2 million square meters and more than 2500 business partners in China.

Responding Revolved in ''The Belt and Road Initiative'' national strategy, adhering to "Our motivation of service is based on your demand’ spirit, Lanhua Group creates a new business mode, which is local product processing park + traditional market + exhibition + e-commerce + modern technology logistics of ''resource sharing''. The new business model has achieved good results and social effects to Lanhua Group, also brings a great many of positive contributions to the local economy and international development.

We warmly welcome partners from all over the world to start a business relationship with us in the future.


Lanhua Group has two modern production processing parks, with covered in 440,000 square meters. Mainly produce in building materials, hardware, household articles, automobile decoration product, toys, and so on.

Lanhua Group owns an import commodity centre covering an area of 120,000 square meters, gathering thousands of imported commodities from more than 80 countries and regions all over the world.
It consists of Import Commodity City Direct Management Center, Brand Pavilion, Comprehensive Pavilion, Russian Style Street.
Mainly engage in imported food, beverages, daily necessities, handicrafts to household products, beauty and cosmetics, health care products, maternal and child products, etc.,

Regarding Live-Commerce:
1.Business Area:250000㎡
2.3 Live-Commerce bases:Lingu E-commerce Technology Innovation Incubation Park, Lanhua Cloud Smart Valley Live Streaming Town, Linyi Cross-border E-commerce Live Streaming Town
3.Anchors:Over 80 Head and Waist anchors.
4.Supply Chain base:Build Lanhua Group & Alibaba Super Supply Chain Cooperation with the most complete product category.
5.Online transaction:350000 packages and over 30000000 transaction per day,10000000000 transaction per year.
6.Product Coverage:Garments,Cosmetic,Bags&shoes&headdress,Maternal and infant products,Snacks,Wine&Drinks,Imported Commodity.


Lanhua Group has greater influence in local area, and involves a wide range of business. Each market is already mature and can help foreign customers to buy products with the lowest price and higher qualities.
The exhibition center has comprehensive products, large scale and low price, and even retail can provide factory price


Shandong Lingu E-commerce Park sales in Kuaishou APP exceeded 12.5 billion RMB in 2020, and the demand for the product supply chain is huge.
Lanhua cooperates with Alibaba anchors to jointly build an overall system for Lanhua's imported goods supply chain and help foreign products enter the Chinese market better.