History of Lanhua Group

  • 1998
    Lanhua Group established
  • 2005
    Lan Hua Sofa、 Window and Door、Furniture Material Market
  • 2007
    Linyi Shangcheng Experimental School
  • 2009
    Lanhua International Brand Furniture Material Market
  • 2013
    Enterprise restructuring、 Lanhua International Furniture City
  • 2014
    Lanhua Technology Industrial Park 、 Shandong Lanhua Group Co., Ltd.
  • 2017
    Linyi Ocean World Theme Park
  • 2018
    Linyi Import Commodity City Linyi Lanhua Anime Technology Toy City Lanhua International Brand Furniture Expo Center
  • 2019
    Shandong Lingu E-commerce Science and Technology Insurance Incubation Park
  • 2020
    Linyi Import Commodity City Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park Lan Huayong An Pangang Cross-border E-commerce Service Center 、Yunzhigu E-commerce Live Broadcast Base
  • 2021
    Shandong Tao Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. Shandong Niu Di E-commerce Company Oriental Commercial City
  • 2022
    Linyi Cross-Border Duty-Free Shop
  • 2023
    Dongfang Shangdu Smart E-Commerce Industry City Demonstration Park
    Donghua Smart Logistics Technology City
    Linyi Cross-Border Duty-Free Shop
    Lanhua (Korea) Overseas Mall
  • 2024
    Lanhua (Malaysia) Overseas Mall