High quality geomembrane function

High quality features:

1. Simple construction: as long as the pool is dug well and the corresponding leveling treatment is done, there is no need to hit the concrete cushion;

2. Fast construction: there is no solidification period for structural concrete;

3. Resistance to foundation deformation: because HDPE geomembrane has good fracture elongation, it can resist foundation settlement or foundation deformation;

4. The effect is good: this is the biggest characteristic of HDPE geomembrane;

5. After recovery: this is the biggest characteristic of HDPE geomembrane, after use, as long as it will be put away, the pool body backfill, can be restored to the original state.

Process flow:

● Foundation excavation

● Make lake bottom mortar protective layer (H20-30mm)

● Slope cutting, compaction and leveling

● Composite geomembrane and vertical retaining wall paste

● Base surface leveling, cleaning, process handover

● Sealing of underwater water pipe mouth

● Composite geomembrane laying and welding

● Process handover

● Welding and repair quality acceptance

● Completion acceptance

Basic conditions:

1. After foundation formation and excavation, slope cutting, flattening, rolling or tamping shall be carried out. More than 400mm using each layer thickness, the replacement and backfill disturbance soil should be made using separate layers of sprinkling water, rolling or ramming. One bar seven, six five, five seven, three six Oriental eighty-six.

2. Remove the exposed material with puncturing hidden danger on the foundation surface, such as brick, stone, tile; Glass and metal fragments; A branch, plant root, etc Clear the obstacles in the field and provide the necessary laying conditions.

3. The installation and reservation of the surrounding retaining wall, pump pit, bridge foundation, and underwater nozzle must be completed before the construction of composite geomembrane.

Post time: Feb-04-2023