Application method and function of geomembrane

Construction method: Geomembrane in the process of transportation do not drag, hard pull, avoid sharp object stab.

1. from the bottom to the high extension, do not pull too tight, should leave 1.50% of the remaining amplitude, for local subsidence stretching. Considering the actual situation of the project, the slope is laid from top to bottom.

2. two adjacent longitudinal joints should not be in a horizontal line, should stagger each other more than 1m;

3. the longitudinal joint should be more than 1.50m away from the dam foot, elbow foot, should be located on the plane;

4. the first slope bottom;

5.When the slope is laid, the direction of the film should be basically parallel to the maximum slope line.


Climate requirements:

 1.The general temperature should be above 5 degrees Celsius, low temperature geomembrane should be tense, high temperature geomembrane should be relaxed.

 2.The wind is below Category .

 3.When the temperature is too low, the construction should not be carried out in strong wind and rain and snow weather above grade .

 4.When the wind affects the construction of geomembrane in windy weather, the HDPE geomembrane to be welded should be pressed firmly with sand bag.


Features and functions: chemical additives, no heat treatment, is an environmentally friendly building material.

2.has good mechanical properties, good water permeability, and can resist corrosion, anti-aging.

3.with strong buried resistance, corrosion resistance fluffy structure, with good drainage performance.

4.has a good friction coefficient and tensile strength, with geotechnical reinforcement performance.

5. with isolation, filtration, drainage, protection, stability, strengthening and other functions.

6. can adapt to the uneven base, can resist the construction force damage, creep smaller.

7. the overall continuity is good, light weight, convenient construction.

8. It is a permeable material, so it has good filtration and isolation function, and strong puncture resistance, so it has good protection performance.

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Post time: Nov-21-2022